6 Age Related Disease You Must Prevent For Your Elderly Ones

It has been reported that over 3 million people in the UK are all affected by Osteoporosis. Among these numbers were found to be mostly aged women.

Taking care of the elderly ones in our midst is an inevitable task bestowed unto us by nature and each and every one of us has an elderly one to take care of.

A substantial number of elderly persons in the UK and US suffer from age related diseases not to talk of their age mates in the developing world.

I have painstakingly researched and articulated the 6 age related diseases which have been dominant among our elderly persons.

1.      Memory Loss

 As one grows old, there is every possibility that he or she would develop dementia which is a situation whereby there would be a memory loss.

When this happens, the elderly person affected has to write down every single thing he or she intends to do. This is because there have been drastic reduction in their memory and reasoning.

This can be prevented by proper exercise and taking of balanced meals. Continuous skills acquisition can also be of great importance.

2.      Osteoporosis:

Though this is not completely associated with aging, it affects aged people more. It is a situation whereby their bones get weak and fragile and has more tendencies to break when something happens.

As I said earlier, it affects almost 3 million people in both the United Kingdom and United States. Meanwhile this weakened bone brings about falls among the aged. And the falls recorded so far is among persons that have exceeded 65 years.

This can be prevented by abstinence from some odd behaviour like smoking and excessive alcohol intake. Balanced meal consumption rich in calcium is encouraged for the elderly. Also prevented by reduction in consumption of acidic foods. Regular exercise is also a plus.

3.      Audio-visual impairment:

 It has been noticed that once the elderly attains 70, most of them have their vision lost either partially or completely.

A high percentage of their numbers also lose their hearing capacity while some have both vision and hearing impaired. One would notice that 90 percent of patience with glaucoma, cataract and macular degeneration problems are elderly people.

If care is not taken, this kind of impairment normally affects their psyche and causes depression among them.

This can be prevented by having hearing test regularly especially while approaching old age. Avoiding unwarranted noise and wearing earmuffs when necessary. Thorough removal of earwax regularly will help check the problem.


4.      Obesity

 Type 2 diabetes is a serious disease among the elderly and its mostly caused by obesity. It was also found that greater percentage of the adults over 60 years of age is obese.

This is a very serious issue among the adults as it also relates to high blood pressure as well.

This can be prevented by drafting a very good eating plan from a nutritionist. Avoiding foods rich in fructose will also help a great deal. Keeping track of their weight, BMI (body mass index), and also exercising more often.


5.      Arthritis

This one is the most predominant among all the age related diseases that virtually affects every elderly person.

This is mostly brought about by many years of work and also old injuries. Among women, wearing high heeled foot wears can contribute to arthritis in the later stage of life.

This can be prevented by weight management and proper exercise regularly. Avoidance of over stressing the joints would be of a great help as well.


6.      Teeth problem

Just like every other thing depreciates in value, teeth are not exceptional to it. As one advances, it becomes inevitable for the teeth to depreciate.

Some elderly people’s teeth attract stains, develops gum problem, and has dry mouth and acid erosion with time.

This can be prevented by checking it up with w dentist regularly. Also be reduced by reduction in the consumption of sugary foods.

Brushing their teeth at least twice a day will also help. Elders should also avoid chewing hard foods and should also clean their teeth professionally twice a year.

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