6 Main achievements of President Buhari After 100 Days

It is something done worldwide, taking stock of achievements of every government official after they are sworn in to power, at hundred days. And that of the new Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has caused a mixed reaction from Nigerians due to the manner in which he ousted the previous president out of power with so many promises of change.

And on this day, some persons who irrespective of what other Nigerians think, believe so much in the president’s course; think he has done well in so many ways. That’s what we have to look into below.

Power supply:
There have been so many testimonies from different parts of the country as regards to how the hitherto epileptic power supply has improved tremendously.

Though it is still yet to be witnessed by some persons in some other region, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has disclosed that supply has hit a very high rate as have never been the case.

They said they generated around 4.8MW which was recorded on august 25, 2015. And Nigerians believe if it continues like this, it won’t be long till the country gets it right.

War against Boko Haram:
Irrespective of the facts that that the war against Boko Haram is not yet won, the morale of the military has been boosted.

New service chiefs have been appointed and the military command have been relocated to the centre of Borno state where the Boko haram attacks is most.

This at least will boost the morale of the soldiers. American government have also agreed to help Nigerian since the new President took over after pulling out of negotiation with the former administration.

Anyone who has been following the activities would also testify the level of fear which has gripped the past officials who have skeleton in their cupboards.

The president declared that the war against corruption is non-negotiable and that he is ready to recover the looted funds of this country. He has been sanitizing the ministries as a result of that.

NNPC under reform:
The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation NNPC as which is more or less the most important government organisation has been under mess for a very long time.

The president has done so much to redress the issues by reshuffling the managements. This interest to sanitize this fragment of the government has really put the organization in check.

Foreign relationship patched:
It is understood that relationship with some world powers under the former administration has been in tatters. Issues like the Chibok girls’ abduction, allegation of human rights violation by Nigerian military and some other pressing issues gave Nigeria a very bad image in the outside world.

The president has done so well to amend the relationship thereby making Nigerians stay in the Western world a peaceful one.

Reducing the cost of governance:
Though this have not been implemented, the President have promised to cut down the size of governance by reducing the number of ministries; thereby reducing the cost of governance.

It has been complained about by so many political gurus that former administrations duplicate ministries just to favour their own. President Buhari has vowed to merge the duplicate ministries.

Going by the words of the National Assembly members, they have also agreed to take a salary cut.

Meanwhile, this remains the view of some Nigerians while some would have a different view of the President’s 100 days in office.

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