6 Things Girls Craves For Other Than Money

According to a recent study, it is said that women crave for many other things in their relationship other than money. Yes, we women crave for the true, sentimental things in life and of course money can’t find us all the happiness in the world. Most men think that they can win their lady’s heart by flashing those bundles of green notes, well, let us tell you men that we want more than that!  So, if your wondering what your lady is really craving for in the relationship, it is time you take note of this list

Patience – A woman needs patience in her relationship. If your a man who gives her patience, you are one lucky stud.

Respect – Give your woman the respect she needs. Respect is earned. So, make sure you treat her right and she will love you unconditionally.

Love – Love her like there is no tomorrow. She will value this more than money or any other materialistic things.
Strength – A man should be the pillar of strength for his woman. If you show her that you are her strength, she will adore you to heights.
Time – No matter how busy life gets you down, give her the time she needs. With time your relationship will grow to heights.
Family – Show and love her family like they are your own. If you do this much you are bound to receive the same from her side as well.

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