6 ways to keep the flame of love alive

                                                 Working wife
The initial spark in a relationship between couples never lasts forever, but it can be kept for as long as you and your partner want. It doesn't mean love between you and your partner would die, but the passion would be non-existent when life issues get in the way.
How do you make the passion in your relationship last? Or if it's dying, how do you bring it back to life?

According to Ebony, here are 4 ways couples can achieve that:

1. Appreciate something about your partner, and let them know that you do.

2. Kiss intimately, very often

3. Communicate well when things aren't right between you both.

4. Do funny things together, be comfortable with laughing at and with each other.

5. Explore places , travel, take walks together.

6. Sex should be as regular as possible, schedule if you have to.

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