Buhari Tasks Civil Servants To Facilitate Commerce


President Muhammadu Buhari has called on the Nigerian public service to see itself as servants and facilitators of commerce and entrepreneurship, designing policies and removing obstacles to do business.
President Buhari who gave the charge in a message to the Launching of the Structured Mandatory Assessment-Based Training Programme –SMAT-P and the Leadership Enhancement and development programme —LEAD-P for civil servants in Abuja.
Buhari, who was represented by Vice-President Yemi Osibanjo also directed that the the two programmes must envisage a robust social protection components in their implementations.
“These models must also envisage a robust social protection components, a strong knowledge based economy relying on courting-edge technology and assist government on issues of education and economy, consequently.
“I am informed that the technical competence that the SMAT-P and the LEAD0P programme aimed to strengthen , leadership, strategic planning, strategic communication, financial management and programme managements are to be led with these contests in mind,” he said.
According to the President, the ordinary people must to feel government, because they are the centre of the business of government, saying that he decided to perform the launch for two reasons.
”The first is that it is evidence that the leadership of the service recognized the need for continued relevance of education to all members of staff of the federal civil service and two that the occasion provides an opportunity to start an important conversation on the role of the civil service in shaping the course of our nation.
“The expected role of civil servants is that of providing support for government in formulating and implementation of its policies, in that role, this is where the government in question has the mandate of the people to deliver fundamental and far-reaching change in the polity,” he said.
Earlier in a welcome address, the Head of the Federal Civil Service of the Federation, Danladi Kifasi said that the launch of the two programmes was in furtherance of the vision to reposition the Public Service by focusing on building its capacity and enhancing leadership at all levels.
”It is in fulfillment of this vision that my office developed two distinctive and strategic capacity building programmes stressing that the overall objective of the capacity building programmes is to address the twin challenges of capacity and leadership deficit in the public service of today.
”While LEAD-P is a completely new innovation, SMAT-P builds on previous capacity building programmes developed by the Office of the Head of service of the Federation, the point of departure of SMAT-P from previous programmes is that it is structured, mandatory and assessment based.
“It has been strategically packaged to be a continuous, coherent, coordinated and sustainable approach for effective capacity building for public servants, based on local and international best practices, it emphasizes the areas of competencies and service delivery capability critical for the delivery of government policies and programmes,” he said.

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