I Expose My Body To Inspire Upcoming Models—Beverly Osu

Beverly Ada Osu is no stranger to controversy. During her Big Brother Africa appearance, she fell out with lots of fans who kept complaining about her nudity. However, the model is undeterred by the 'hate' in fact her recent interview with Naij is set to add fuel to the already burning fire.Beverly explained that she expose her skin as her “own way of teaching up-and-coming models how to be comfortable with their body.”

Infact, according to her she “got into modelling by being a lingerie model. In her words;
'Actually, I forced myself to be a lingerie model because I never liked being a runway model.”Before, I was a size 14 but due to what I wanted to become, I had to shed the weight. Basically, I want to teach people to be comfortable in their own skin. People think I expose too much but I think it’s just my skin, you did not see anything," she further said.

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