Importantly!! 7 Basic Reasons You Shouldn't Marry Because Of Love

According to recent findings from discussions held with young unmarried people, it was found that many of them still hold a wrong notion on the basic reasons one should adopt in making a choice of life partner.

Many of them quickly echo love as the main reason they would get married which wrong.
Irrespective of the fact that love is so much needed in marriage, it is not supposed to be basis for marriage; rather marriage should be basis for love.

There are so many things a woman would consider before getting married to a man of his choice and that are what I tried to discuss below, so reconsider your choice as you read.

1.    Trustworthiness.

There are some questions you should ask yourself concerning your partner before making decision. 

Do you trust he /she enough not to go through his/her call log and text messages at sighting his/her phone?

Do you police your partner or feel uncomfortable when s/he is out there without you? If someone approaches you with some hearsay of how your partner cheats at your back, what would be your reaction?

I think all these questions would help you know whether you trust your partner too well to marry him/her.

2.    Belief.

Have you discussed with your partner on where to worship? It is really important especially now the world is getting more religious minded. This will lay a foundation for your unborn children as to which religion they will be raised in.

3.    Influence.

         If your partner at the stage you guys are is not already making your life a better      one with his influence, I do not think you should go ahead.

Marriage is only meant to better your life, bring out the best in you and not the other way round.

4.    Family love.
Families play a very important role in any relationship we share and also in our marriages.

Instance, someone that does not like your mother would never give you total love because of your mother.

So, when you are taking your decisions, make sure your partner loves your family as well.

Some girls come up with snobbish attitude on the introduction of a family member by their spouse, and that is a very bad sign to the young man.

That foretells how she (the girl) is going to treat the family members of the guy.

5.    Compromises.
Your wife wants to watch Disney channel on the television but your favourite football team is playing football, how would you handle it?

Would you compromise? The same thing applicable to the woman as well, would you compromise?

Marriage that is successful is filled with compromise and adjustments in what one used to do. Are you ready to adjust and compromise for the person you are about to choose?

6.    Flaws.
Your flaws should never be a problem for the person you choose. No one is perfect in character and that makes it a necessary thing for your partner to be able to accept you the way you are.

People even focus and strengths of a business and look away from the weaknesses while doing the SWOT analysis so much more of a life partner.

If your partner cannot focus on your strength to suppress your weaknesses, then s/he does not deserve you.

7.    S****l satisfaction.
Let me conclude with this though some people with different belief will disagree with me on this.

It is very important to consider whether your partner satisfies you on bed before dabbling into the marriage.

Though most religion frown at s*x before marriage but the outcome contributes to almost 50% of reasons for divorce.

So, if you think that if your partner loves you, s/he can endure for a lifetime your poor attitude to s*x especially when s/he is se***lly hyperactive then you are wrong.

It is a matter of time before s/he starts looking elsewhere for satisfaction.

With all the outlined things to consider above, other things like love, faithfulness, vision and the rest of other things to consider would fall in place.

But it is really very wrong to think that love is all you need to make a choice of your life partner.

Love is not basis for marriage rather marriage is basis for love.


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