Obaze reclaims his stolen victory from Oduah

www.Naijaben.com got this from Obaze campaign organization and here it is for your study and sharing further 

The road to justice usually is very long and thorny, but the end thereof is worth the stress therein. Justice beckons us as we team up to seek it over the last march 28th Senatorial election in Anambra North. 

It was a day the voice of Ndi Anambra North echoed loud and clear that APGA is their destination and Dubem obaze their servant. In as much as that statement was manifest in the massive number of votes given to APGA that day, mischief makers and executioners did not want that voice heard hence they used all manner of techniques to ruin the overt support APGA has in the senatorial zone. 

They thwarted the results, rigged the election and stole our mandate and told us to go leak our wounds in shame. Whereas we know, that the world can never be governed by force, never by fear and never by power. 
What governs is the mind and what conquers is the spirit. And the weapons of governing the mind and conquering the spirit are justice and fair-play and that the will of the people shall be the basis of authority of the Government and not the will of some caucus.

 Our cognisance of the foregoing, is the basis on which we have approached the court of law competent in all ramifications to grant us fairness and justice thereby enabling the echoing voice of the people roar all over the state. 

Although judgement has not been given, but we have tendered our exhibits and defended our case in obvious optimism that soon Chief Dubem Obaze will regain the mandate given to him and our Party APGA on March 28th, 2015. 

Thanks to everyone, friends, supporters and well wishers especially those who have shown solidarity by attending the court proceedings. Thank you all and do not give up.

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