Our Senators, Their Silence, Our Weakness By Okeke Nwabuike Okwudili.

It has finally come to scrutiny and also became a cause for alarm the cold-silence, and absolute tranquility that has engulfed and enveloped our senators in the national assembly while other elected government officials are busy dishing out and celebrating their achievements in 100 days our senators: Uche Ekwunife, Andy Uba and Stella Oduah have not said a single word, a keen observer may be forced to ask these questions: is it that there are no national issues arising that deserves their attention especially the ones that affects Anambra state or are they too comfortable to have forgotten that they are now in opposition and that opposition is always more active in the media than the ruling party?

One being sentimental may say that there are no weighty national issues on the part of Anambra state that calls for their uproarious reaction, at this climax two questions has already gone vigorous in the mind of every concerned Anambrarian, questions like what about the lopsided appointments by the President, what of the transfer of 47 fierce terrorists to Ekwulobia, what of the deplorable state of our federal roads?

No one is asking you to go and confront, challenge or invite the president to a combat, No!, but why can’t you keep the media busy, the least you can do is to be active on the media, just like every other opposition party elected officials will do.
Our senators overwhelming media inactivity is really a call for concern, and something drastic must be done to Anambra state current federal political passivity.

This death in federal politics may not be a surprise to many owing to the fact that PDP has a bloodline history of clueless-ness embedded in their DNA, even when competent personalities finds themselves in this party they are forced to accept mediocrity just to survive.

SOMEONE MUST BREAK THIS SILENCE Written by Okeke Nwabuike Okwudili

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