(Photos) I Thank God For Giving Me Very Big B0obs – Enita Odugbemi.

Enita Odugbemi is a beautiful star to watch out for in the Yoruba movie industry. Though she’s still upcoming, Enita has been in a couple of films which show her very terrific acting skills.
Apart from her talent, which is never in doubt, the next thing that brings her attention are her big b0obs which have caused her slight embarrassment in more than one occasion.
In a past chat where she spoke with potpourri, the producer of a film, Rado Lomo, Enita recounted her experience with fan who got out of turn with her and grabbed at her b0obs.
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Enita recounted the story saying:
Yes, that was at Oxford Street in London. I was at Oxford street to do some shopping so this young man walked up to me and said my face looked familiar. Later, he said he could recall that I am an actress. I smiled and he requested to take a picture with me. I agreed. The next moment, I realized he was trying to touch my boobs. I slapped him immediately. I later realized slapping him isn’t a good thing. I apologized and kissed him. He smiled and now we are good friends
In a recent chat she agreed that her boobs bring her unwanted attention but maintained she’s hardly the one to blame for that. She said:
I don’t expose my body in movies, it’s just because I am busty. I love my boobs so much and I thank God because he gave them to me. I don’t deliberate expose my body or boobs. People only tend to notice them because they are very big.

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