Staff, students reject Paul University Bursar , ask Bishops not to renew his appointment. brings you the piece like letter by the staff/students of the University to the owners of the Paul University against the Bursar , who they said is a destroyer and idea killer ………… 

Your Grace/Lord
With utmost respect and reverence, we want to update you with the situation in Paul University Awka. This medium becomes one of the safest ways to express our opinion, since there is non-existent of staff association, union or welfare through which the staff and students could express  their views.

The tenure of the University Bursar will end hopefully by May/1st week of June 2015 and we learnt he had applied for renewal of contract (another 5 years). Given the behavior of the Bursar (Sir Simon Nnoli) which has set us back, the staff and students are worried because he has caused a lot of setback to the Institution in the past five years.  

There are better Anglican men and women who have the interests of our Institution at heart and can take us to the zenith position. We are tired of men, like the Bursar who does not love human progress and has never contributed any good thing to University. Rather, his unfriendly and wicked attitudes/activities have made many staff and students to leave Paul University and many are planning to run away if Bursar’s tenure is renewed or extended.

Paul University is so dear to us and we would not be happy to see a Woolf in sheep clothing destroy the hard efforts of the founding Fathers of Paul University.

We are on our knees; Come over to Paul University and save us. Please, you may investigate every claim made here to ascertain the true facts of the matter. Our destiny is at stake. Since a close mouth is a close destiny, we decided to shout/cry for help now before it is too late.

We have attached a document/file to this message that contains some of the reasons why we don’t want the tenure of the Bursar to be renewed or extended. NB: his co-pioneer principal officers (VC and Registrar)completed their tenure and left honorably. 

We count on your tender love and sound judgment after reading through the attached file to take desired action. 
Your loyal subjects,                                           
(Paul University Community)

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