Tutenkhamun’s P*nis Was Erect When He Was Mummified So He Would Look Like A God

The world’s most famous mummy, Tutenkhamun, was buried with his p*nis standing at a 90 degree angle. Now experts believe that his everlasting erection was made to make King Tut look like Osiris, the god of the afterlife.
According to Egyptologist Salima Ikram, professor at the American University in Cairo, it was to counter efforts by his father King Akjenaten to establish a religion of one god.
King Tut had, however, worked to reverse his father’s ideology and return Egypt to the traditional worshipping of several gods.
Professor Ikram believes he was buried with his erect manhood in a bit to continue his endeavour even in death. The upright penis actually broke off after the discovery of the tomb, amid speculation it was stolen.
Source: UK Mirror

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