Why is my husband sleeping with prostitutes?

Dear Bunmi, 
I recently found out, through a colleague in his office, that my husband of almost 20 years has been sleeping with prostitutes. According to this colleague, some of them call at the office and he takes time off to take them to motels.

I haven’t confronted him yet – I’m still in shock. How could he? Now, I just wish I’d never found out in the first place. I still love him and can’t imagine life without him. We have three teenage children.
Wunmi, by e-mail.

Dear  Wunmi, 
You’re bound to be deeply upset at the moment, but you need to find out how credible your ‘informant’ is. Not only has your trust been blown away, but you should be worried about your own sexual health too. 

You need to sit down and have it out with him. In order to save your marriage, he needs to stop. You’re still in love with him and it would be a major upheaval if you left him. Sadly, a lot of married men resort to prostitutes for sexual gratification in spite of the health hazards involved. So have things out in the open and pray he’s not yet a sex addict! 

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