Breaking News:Four dead women in Awka: Relatives fault police claim

Tragedy Hit Awka As Four Women Dies Mysteriously In Their Rooms Holding Their Bibles (Graphic Photos)

www.odogwublog exclusively investigated about the mystery behind the death of four women whose decomposing bodies were found, early last month, in a locked room at Olisa Onyeka Crescent, Commissioners’ Quarters, Ifite Awka, Anambra State has been unraveled by Police.

Investigations have revealed the identities of the women as Edith Chinelo Ubaka, 56, a staff of Anambra State Ministry of Justice, Chinwe Obi, owner of the apartment who was a Staff of Independent  National  Electoral Commission (INEC), Awka, Catherine Ifeoma Uzor, 52, a staff in Anambra East local government council Headquarters, Otuocha and Nkechi Udefi, 37 were members of Image of God Bible Church at No. 42, Emenike Okoye Street, Okpuno Awka, Anambra State.

Odogwublog discovered that one of the deceased women, Mrs Udefi was the founder and head of the church. It was also gathered that no church activity had been going on in the church since the death of the women as the properties of the church were evacuated two days after the incident.

The late Udefi who got married 17 years ago, had four children whose ages were within the ranges of five to 16. Her husband, Simon Uba Udefi who hails from Obiagu-Ogwu local government area in Enugu State is a radiator mechanic at No. 1 Amaku Road, beside Jet Filling station, Awka, Anambra State.

  Speaking to odogwublo, Mr. Udefi said the last day he spoke with his wife was on the 3rd of September, 2015.

His words: “My wife told me that she was going to console and pray for her church member who lost her husband”, adding that he became worried when his wife’s phone number wasn’t going through three days after.”

  Speaking further, Mr. Udefi said, “I waited for another day but did not see my wife nor hear from her. All of a sudden, I heard some women were taken to mortuary by the police. I went to Amaku mortuary and saw my wife.”

  Mr. Udefi further explained that the result of the autopsy revealed that the women died of emission from a generator set, but did not believe the result
He further disclosed that his wife was buried on the 23rd of September, 2015, under difficult situation.

  He therefore called on government and individuals to assist him as his children are still minors and he has no financial power to take care of them alone.

 Equally, the 52 year old late Mrs. Uzor , was married to Peter Uzor, who hails from Izi-Ndubia in Ebonyi State, and presently lives in Abakiliki Street, along Queens Suite Hotels, Awka, addressed our reporter amid tears. The elderly Peter Uzor, said that his wife, that fateful Saturday, told the family that she was going to pray for a member who lost her husband.

  “When my wife went out on Saturday, we called her on Sunday but she did not pick her call. We continued calling till Tuesday morning. I thought of going to media houses to announce in case anyone had seen her anywhere. I became more confused and worried but my children were giving me hope that she would soon be back”, he lamented.
  He further disclosed that he encountered a spirit in his dream who told him about his wife.

According to him, “On Tuesday night,” he said, “I saw in my dream, a priest in white garment. The priest came to me and said: “Some women who went for prayer somewhere had an accident and were taken to the mortuary. I woke up immediately. It was about 2am. I called my children to start praying, but we didn’t know it was too late.

“On Wednesday, I went to B-Division to complain and as well ascertain if any report was brought to them, but there was no report. On my way home, I saw my old friend, a police man and complained. It was then that he told me that some women were taken to the mortuary by the police. Behold I went to Amaku mortuary and saw my wife lying helplessly dead.”

  Mr. Uzor stressed that he went to police headquarters where they showed them the picture of the bodies but added that he did not see any generator set.

  He stated that his wife is still in the mortuary as at the time of this report since he lacks the wherewithal to claim the corpse.

  Meanwhile, first son of the third deceased, Mrs. Ubaka, (name witheld) told this reporter that her mother did not go to sleep with her church member, but went to pray with her since she lost her husband the previous day.

He maintained that there was an arrangement for him to come and pick his mother after the prayers but as at 5pm that same day, when he was calling her GSM line, she did not pick the call.

He further disclosed that he did not believe an autopsy was carried out on the deceased woman since his family was told by the mortuary attendant to pay over N100.000 for them to release the corpse and that it will cost over N100.000 to carry out an autopsy, adding that they managed to pay a lesser amount for the release of the corpse for burial.

Mr. Ubaka called on the police, the state government and the relevant authorities to ascertain the exact cause of the death of the women since he is still convinced that his mother did not die of emission from generator. 

He therefore urged the government an all public-spirited individuals to come to their aid.
  Although, Anambra State Commissioner of Police, Hassan Karma, has confirmed the results of the autopsy, saying it indicated the inhalation of emission from generator. National Light investigation confirms that the four women died at exactly where the husband of the owner of the flat, Late Chinwe Obi died a day before the tragedy.

  According to one of the neighbours (name withheld), the owner of the flat had earlier narrated that the husband  was sitting when she bade him good night, hoping he would  join her in the room, but only  to discover  his dead  body in the middle of the night  still in the same position she left him.

As at the time of filling this report, family of the deceased owner of the house where the incident occurred, Late Mrs. Chinwe Obi could not be reached for further comments.

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