For the Ladies, things you should never do while on your period..

Men always think we’re too emotional during that “time of the month”, so there are things you should never do while on your period. Getting out of bed is hard enough as it is, with our cramps and other hormonal issues.
If the opposite sex is right about how emotional we get, then there are tons of things you should never do while on your period. Where to start…

If we venture into the kitchen, we run the risk of hurting someone. What if one of our emotional attacks occur while we have a knife in hand? We’re already used to the blood. What’s a little more? One of the things you should never do while on your period is enter the kitchen, not even for a snack.
If we pick up our phones to play Candy Crush, we might end up calling our ex. It’s an emotional time of the month, so how can we stand to be alone? If we don’t call them and beg for them to return to us, then we’ll curse them out. It’s not our fault, of course. When we’re on our periods, all blame is placed elsewhere.
You only feel bloated because you’re on your period. Once the week is over, you’ll be your sexy self again. There’s no need to exercise now, especially since you don’t want to risk ruining your new workout clothes. You should just save yourself the trouble of putting them through the wash until the stains come out.
If you’re single, romantic comedies can make you miss dating. If you’re in a relationship, they can make you miss being single. It’s a lose-lose situation. Realize that the people on the screen will always have a more exciting life than you, whether you’re single or not. And the only reason that’s the case is because their life is fake. Real life is a lot more boring.
Don’t believe all of the cliches you hear. You don’t have to stuff yourself with chocolate, because you’re on your period. It’s not going to make you feel any better. Eat a few candy bars, but don’t go crazy. You’ll only be angry at yourself in the end.

If you start a fight with a friend, you’re going to say things that you don’t mean, because like it or not, our hormones mess with us. Do you really want to start an argument with your best friend about whether One Direction is better than the Backstreet Boys? It’s not worth it. Just let her have it her way, instead of making her black and blue.

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