my husband is sleeping with my maids

My husband sleeps with my maids. I have always suspected him till I brought one that exposed him after much troubles in the home. In fact this marriage almost broke up few months ago as a result of this, I have brought another girl who am even trying to brush up, my husband is still sleeping with her, the girl confessed to me on Tuesday after much suspicion and persuasion from me, it appears he carries the girl whole sale immediately I leave to work. 

I work and have to go to work everyday, I also have 2 kids of 6 and 3 yrs, also he has been out of job for sometimes now. I am the one paying the bills, so I need this job and also a maid to take care of the kids.
My home has always been threatened because of his cheating attitudes, but I decided to over look it thinking it was just his numerous girl friends out there, but with my maids???? He came back from a journey 2 months ago and promised he has changed and that he has decided to put pride away and make his marriage work, i accepted and there has been peace in the house since then, but I thought he will respect him self and keep away from my maids. I feel he is suspecting that I am aware of his recent moves and has started causing trouble in the house again, but I don't want to ask him. I want to take the maid to our pastor and also a close family friend so that she can say all that has happened before them.

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