Prostitutes protest ritual killings by clients

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 Kanu Street, one of the biggest streets in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, was taken over by prostitutes and human rights activists protesting the many cases of killings of the commercial sex workers by suspected ritualists who pose as clients.

The protesters who took over the ever busy Nakuru Town, claim seven of their colleagues have been killed so far and their heads skinned.

They asked the police to ensure safety of the group following the mysterious killings. In Nakuru Town, where four such killings took place, the victims were strangled and their heads skinned and when their bodies were found, they were naked, with their clothes placed neatly beside them.

One of the victims had her eyes gouged out and her nose, tongue and ears chopped off, giving credence to suspicion that they were murdered for ritual purposes.

The other three prostitutes were murdered in Kisii, Nyahururu and Nanyuki towns.

The protesters, among them residents and other commercial sex workers, called for the arrest of people behind the killings.

The National Movement for Sex Workers Alliance official, Grace Kamau said Nakuru was leading in the number of such killings witnessed in the past week.

“A number of commercial sex workers have been violated and the cases have been reported to the police but nothing has been done. All we have are the OB (Occurance Book) numbers,” she said.

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