10 HOT Sex Confessions You Need To Read [EXPLICIT]

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by Nicole Weaver | Your Tango
Strangers are spilling their best sex stories.
The great thing about anonymous sites like Whisper is that you get to hear juicy confessions that you would never have gotten to hear otherwise. Some of the sex stories have to do with workplace secrets and infidelity. But a lot of them have to do with sex—the best sex users have ever had. And lucky for you, we gathered 10 of most unbelievable sex stories strangers are spilling the details about.
These hot stories about people’s best sex experiences range from secret hookups to threesomes—to even romps where beds are broken. So, if you’re in the mood to read something erotic, but don’t have enough time to pick up a book or read a super long story on a website, then you’re in luck! These sexyconfessions are about sentence or two each.
Here’s one to get you started. “I crossed something off my bucket list yesterday … Sex on the golf course. It was fantastic and in the middle of the day … slightly scandalous.”
Scroll through the gallery below to find what kind of sexy experiences strangers are confessing to. Hey, you may even be inspired to recreate one or reveal your own hot sex story.

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