25 signs your girlfriend is wife material (DETAILS)

signs she is a wife material

1. She’s attractive on the inside and out. 

Her beauty is more than skin deep. You know every flaw about her and still find those to be her best attributes. Every time you see her it’s like the first time, you’re crazy about her. 
2. She makes you a better man.

She should bring the best out of you… not the bullshit headaches. She knows how to lift you up when you’re down and she’s always there to speak with about any situation.

3. She’s trustworthy 

You know she would never steal from you, lie to you or cheat on you. You can trust her with your car, life and money. She’s ride or die.

4. She respects boys night. 

She gives you space and lets you have fun with your boys without complaining or blowing your phone up every five minutes.

5. She doesn’t need to get drunk to have fun. 

Every time you go to dinner she doesn’t need to order a bottle of wine to herself to have fun with you or if you’re hanging out with her at home, she doesn’t need to get drunk to enjoy the moment, she can just be there with you.  

6. She comes from a good family.

 Her parents are cool people who are well respected. You want to do well and keep on their good side because you know they are genuinely good people.

7. She has her future planned.

 She knows what she wants to do with life and nothing will stop her from reaching her goals.

8. She’s a great cook. 

She can cook a feast and loves doing it and she knows everything you like and exactly how you like it cooked.

9. She doesn’t party every weekend. 

She doesn’t go out every weekend to get black out drunk and come back home at 4 am smelling like cigarettes and champagne.

10. She respects your family and friends. 

She loves your parents and would never do anything to make them look at her differently. She gets along with your friends and they actually like it when she comes out with you. There is nothing worse than having to pick between your friends and your girl…

11. She loves you unconditionally. 

No matter what you have done or what has happened between you guys, you know her love goes much further than what meets the eye and she will always love you and respect you

12. She’s f*cking smart

A girl who can keep a debate going or is doing well for herself will lift you up and make you want to do better.

13. She supports and believes your goals. 

She will have your back no matter what and allows you to have the time you need to do what you have to do because she knows your dreams are just as important as hers.

14. She’s responsible.

 As much as I want to be there for her, sometimes it’s good to know I don’t have too.

15. She doesn’t have baggage. 

Usually if a girl has baggage she’s playing the field.

16. She’s fit. 

She loves to train, eat healthy and tries to lead a healthy lifestyle which in turn makes you want to live one.

17. She has high sexual energy.

 Sex is so important… a horny girl is a keeper!   16. She’s fit. She loves to train, eat healthy and tries to lead a healthy lifestyle which in turn makes you want to live one.

18. She’s drug-free. 

There’s nothing worse than a girl who can’t keep it together…

19. She’s not a psycho. 

She doesn’t snap at every little thing and she’s not insecure when you talk to other women. She knows you want her and only her.

20. She’s not a shopaholic

Sometimes shopping is good, but not if it’s everyday.

21. She knows how to manage her money.

 If you have a woman who knows how to manage her money you will never have to worry about her taking all of yours.

22. She’s not selfish. 

She’s willing to compromise and is open to discussing different options.

 23. She’s good in bed. 

A woman who knows what she is doing is the sexiest thing, she knows to keep you happy and will never allow you to get bored.

24. She’s polite. 

You don’t have to worry about her being rude or impatient, most people like her and that makes your life a lot easier.

25. She’s thankful.

 She doesn’t take anything for granted… she appreciates the little things you do for her. 

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