APC reacts on N75b in Anambra

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One of the constants of life is numbers. They do not lie. So, was there N75 billion or not? Governor Peter Obi, told Ndi Anambra that there was, as he vacated office on March 17, 2014. Now, Governor Willie Obiano, whom Obi willed on Ndi Anambra, is saying that he inherited billions of Naira in debt. First, his Aide, who was sent to give the message, said N185.1 billion, then he changed it to N106.1 Billion upon questioning by journalists. Is there N185.1 or N106.1 billion debt or not? There cannot be anything in between. It is like being pregnant. It is either a woman is pregnant or she is not. There is no "in between pregnant". 

In the same way, there is nothing like N75 billion positive balance on March 17, 2014; and then, N185.1 billion or N106.1 billion negative balance after some 20 months. If these two or three positions are claimed, then someone is lying to Ndi Anambra. For me, Ndi Anambra must know which one of these is the true situation.

 They cannot all be correct. Two of them cannot even be correct as you will never find two versions of truth in the court (be it court of law or court of public opinion). Whichever court it is, Ndi Anambra need to know the true position of things. But for the sake of posterity, a truth about the election that brought Governor Obiano to power, is that Senator Ngige, the APC candidate then, asked Ndi Anambra to ask the APGA machine during that campaign to account for the over N156 Billion revenue that accrued to the state during the 8 years of Governor Obi's tenure. 

In Obi's own accounting, he indicated that he used money to do the work he did as Governor, and then left N75 billion. Now, a government that he brought to power from no where is claiming that what he explained about the money has holes in it to the tune of N185.1 or N106.1 billion. If this is true, how much of that debt left behind by Governor Obi has been paid by the Obiano's administration in the face of its stifling policy drive for increased IGR through all manners of taxes and levies on poor people in the state. Anambra State seem to be in serious confusion. The only thing that is certain in Anambra State today is that "We deserve the government that we elect".

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