Buhari, El-Rufai Have Paid 2,000 People To Turn Pro-Biafra Protests Violent – Radio Biafra.

Secessionist Radio Biafra has alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari, acting in concert with Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai has made plans for 2,000 people to join the ongoing pro-Biafra protest in the South Eastern part of the country in order to join the so-far peaceful protest violent.
According to a report on its official website, the group also said that it has postponed its 11 million man march so as to forestall the aforementioned violence.
The report read in part:
Buhari’s confidants like El Rufai have recruited over 2000 persons and paid them heavily to join the IPOB Global Peaceful Protest and turn it into a violent protest, because they have seen that the Biafran protesters are not going to stop anytime soon as against what some people earlier anticipated.
Remember that these protests have been going on in over 88 countries around the world, the protesters are unarmed and they have not caused any injury to anyone, instead the Nigerian soldiers have killed, intimidated and harassed them.
El Rufai and his cohorts have also paid billions of naira to some media houses to carry out psychological terrorism against the Biafrans.
These media houses are on standby, waiting for when the 2000 people Buhari’s lackeys have recruited to start causing mayhem, then they’ll unleash media blitz on Biafrans.

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