Buhari’s 2 Choices On Biafra – Call A Referendum Or Run An Inclusive Gov’t

Although America predicted that Nigeria will divide in 2015, 2015 is far gone with one more month left to herald entry into 2016.
While it may appear that there is no physical balkanisation yet like what was experienced in the former USSR and Yugoslavia, we can all attest to the fact that since the commencement of the fourth republic in 1999, the psychological state of division along tribal lines has peaked in 2015 culminating in renewed agitation for Oduduwa and Biafra.
If President Muhammadu Buhari cares about ruling over a united country, then he needs to drop his clannish mentality and apologise for his statements antithetical to nation building (5% and 97%).
If there is anytime we need the President to throw away the toga of being a president of northern Nigeria (as evident in his appointments), now is the time.
My advice to Buhari is simple, its either he runs an inclusive government where all Nigerians regardless of their tribe or religion will have a great sense of belonging and national pride or honourably call for a referendum and let everyone go their own way.
Elvis Osung is a leadership strategy analyst and a development knowledge facilitator who is passionate about capacity building through public speaking and mentoring. He is an engineer. Connect with him on Facebook.
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