Nigerians Are Being Conned, General Buratai Not Being Truthful | STATEMENT

General Buratai
The Shadow Cabinet Of Nigeria in a state of utter shock and dismay hereby decry the coordinated bombings in Yola and Kano in the past 72 hours resulting in 49 deaths and many injured, worse still, the alleged case of 105 missing soldiers as reported in the media.
We are aware of the recent press statement by the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, that no army officer is missing.
‎We beg to differ on this.
We have reached out to a few reliable sources within the ranks of the Nigerian military and we can confirm that things are very bad, the government seem to be covering up a lot of things.
Could it be that the Nigerian Army and FG have colluded to quash this issue of grave concern by maintaining plausible deniability, in a bid to forestall a campaign similar to the #BringBackOurGirls movement?
At this point, we demand to know the men who make up the 175 battalion, we demand a proof of life. Also, we demand undeniable proof that all vehicles, a truck loaded with over 60,000 rounds of AA ammunition and artillery pieces be accounted for‎.
As a matter of National emergency and urgency we charge the presidency to take the following steps:-
1. Conduct a more thorough investigation and release an official press statement confirming or denying such reports. Nigerians deserve to know the whole truth on this.
2. Inform the Nigerian people on steps being taken to ensure the safe return of our gallant and brave soldiers to their families and loved ones, in the case that this report is officially declared to the general public as true.
3. Employ every might and resource to ensure that the Nigerian Army #BringBackOurSoldiers‎ ALIVE.
The Boko Haram insurgents have been reported as the world’s deadliest terrorist organisation. Such negative and shameful development is a far cry from President Muhammadu Buhari’s promise to annihilate Boko Haram within two months of assuming power.
The Chibok girls saga is yet to be resolved and at the time of this release, we have an alleged case of missing soldiers on our hands.
If this eventually turns out true, then it is a monumental embarrassment; A slap on our military might. This cannot be handled with kid gloves.
We urge all hands to be on deck. Our collective resolve as a people must be to shun terrorism in all it’s forms.
In all sincerity and purpose, we hope that this alarming news turns out false, however, in a case where such is confirmed, our hearts and prayers go out to the families‎ of the missing soldiers who are yet unsure of the fate of their husbands, sons, and fathers.
Moreso, we commiserate with the families of all the victims in the recent bomb blasts.‎ We pray that they be granted fortitude to bear such immense loss.
We equally encourage our soldiers out there on the battlefield not to despair.
Nigeria will rise.
Ijeoma Okolie
SCN Spokesperson

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