#SoundOff: Abubakar Audu Is Another Victim Of (His Own) Bad Governance

RIP Audu
by Chinedu Nwosu
I am speechless!
Prince Abubakar Audu is Another Victim.
How long shall we continue to live this way?
However, I would start by condoling the family, friends and all those who held Prince Audu so dear to their hearts, may God grant them the fortitude to bear the loss.
Prince Audu died of myocardial infarction (heart attack).
According to the family, he had suffered hypertension for a long time, and prior to his death he complained of severe chest pain, that felt like a heavy pressure on his heart.
He was also said to have been drenched in sweat and was reported to have died within an hour after making that complaint.
Myocardial infarctions are fairly common in the Western Countries, but in countries like the USA 90% of victims survive it.
Why? Because they have an emergency system that responds quickly and they have hospitals all over where an emergency cardiac catheterization can be done within minutes.
Now the question is;
Prince Audu was the same man that promised the people of Kogi that he was going to return the N11 billion he stole if they elect him into power.
This man was governor for over 4 years, yet he never thought it fit to build a world class hospital or at least equip his state hospital to handle emergency cases like stroke and the heart attack he died from.
He did not dim it fit that considering the daily accidents that occur in Lokoja-Abuja road, he needed a standard emergency hospital and ambulance system in his state.
Former President Bill Clinton had the same thing Audu had, he survived, because his country had what it take to help him.
Recall, Gov Abubakar Rimi, who also died in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, not because he was meant to die, there was no doctor available in the ER, there was no Oxygen available for him, and he died in the dearth of the system he once presided over.
We are all going to die one day, but we pray we don’t die as a result of our own greed.
If he had used the 11 billion naira he allegedly stole to build a formidable health care system, perhaps he would have still been alive today.
May his soul rest in peace and may Nigerians and her leaders learn from these things.
Good Night Prince Audu,  the (almost) elected Governor of Kogi.
Chinedu Nwosu is a publicist, social media consultant, event planner, and political strategist. He is a graduate of the Lagos State University. Connect with him on Facebook and LinkedIn
The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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