#SoundOff: A True Depiction Of All That Is Wrong With This Nation

by Amonia Rita Stewart
Let no one deceive you that any tribe is causing our problems as a Nation.
They steal for generations unborn, send their kids abroad to school, Leaving our Educational system comatose. They go abroad for medical treatment and leave our hospitals begging for equipment that can save lives. They fly private jets and leave our roads a death trap.
The ordinary Nigerian is only useful when elections are approaching and they come singing sweet songs accompanied by small gifts of cash and food. And because they have put the ordinary man in a perpetual state of hunger he has no choice but to accept these Greek gifts with the hope that this time it might be different. But Alas!! It is not so.
The vicious circle continues and the ordinary man becomes infected with the Style of the politician as he sees it seems to be the way out. Thus the ordinarily man Runs for political office too hoping that he wins and when he does it is the same VICIOUS CIRCLE!!
Do not be deceived. Bad Leaders are our problems. NOT ANY TRIBE!! If you shout Nigeria should break into Million pieces just know that so long as you have bad leaders it will be the same old story!!
Nigerians should push for the resolutions reached during the National Conference. Which is to demand for TRUE FEDERALISM.
Amonia Rita Stewart is a social critic. Connect with her on Facebook.
The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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