You Can’t Be Blaming Your Predecessor After 6 Months On The Job – Ben Murray-Bruce Tells Buhari

Senator Ben Murray Bruce

Senator Ben Murray-Bruce representing Bayelsa East Senatorial District in the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly, took to his Twitter page to pen down an open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari.
Murray-Bruce in a few tweets summarized that six months was too long for the incumbent government to keep blaming the past government for his inaction.
He says that if the Buhari-led government is going to deliver then blames should have stopped before six months on the job.
Murray-Bruce wrote on Twitter: “You can only blame your predecessor for your problems for so long. After six months, so long becomes too long!.
“Six months is one-eighth of a four-year tenure. If you are still blaming your predecessor after six months, when are you going to ever deliver the goods?
“Blaming others is a sign of helplessness. A ‘numero uno’ should not blame. He must take responsibility for leading us out of troubled waters.
“Those who advise Buhari to make hay while the sun shines are his friends. It is unwise to make blame while the sun shines,” he said.
“Go ahead and attack me, I don’t mind. I am not the president or a governor. I’m just a Nigerian who loves Buhari enough to tell him the truth!
“Those who insult and call us enemies for advising the president and governors to focus on delivering results instead of blaming don’t love Nigeria.”

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