Al Sadr says Buhari is ISIS; urges Iraqis to protest against Zaria Carnage.

Senior Iraqi Shiite cleric and the Leader of the Sadrist Movement, Moqtada al-Sadr criticized on Monday strongly the Nigerian security authorities attack on the house of a Nigerian Shiite cleric, Ibrahim al-Zakzaky as called for his followers to go out in protest demonstrations on the incident next Friday.

Sadr said in a statement posted on his official website, that the Buhari government has become like ISIS, killing shiites unprovoked.

“What happened today from terrorism and state terrorism in Nigeria is a serious and dangerous,” adding that “the government turned to ISIS terrorism at is the first approach and the way to kill Shiites without the guilt. ” Sadr noted that ” attacking unarmed supporters of Sheikh al-Zakzaky and intentionality arrest him and hide or kill him without guilt, just because they are Opponents then where is the freedom and democracy?” he referred to the action as an “aggression” and “deliberately to stoke sectarian strife”.

Sadr called on Iraqis to go out on “mass” demonstrations on Friday in Najaf, Karbala and all the provinces to protest against the incident, as well as raising picture of al- Zakzaky detainee and his assistant, Sheikh Muhammad Turi who was killed by the Nigerian authorities.

Source: Shia Post

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