BREAKING: ISIS Release Video Threatening Terror Attacks on Western Cities, London, New York …

(ISIS) has released a sinister video threatening to terror attacks in major European and American cities.
Dressed in army fatigues and armed with guns, two jihadis sit on a beach and while speaking in English warn of attacks on cities across the world.
The pair, sitting cross-legged, warn there will be attacks on Washington, New York and Moscow.
ISIS, also known as Daesh, say “revenge has started” and threaten that “blood will flow.”
The UK, France, Germany, America and Russia have all stepped up their efforts to eliminate ISIS in recent weeks with a number of Daesh strongholds being bombed in Syria and Iraq.
Speaking in English with Arabic subtitles, one of the jihadis says: “All you crusaders you claim you want to degrade and fight ISIS when you fail to secure your nations and capitals, how can you degrade us.
“You call your armies, France called the armies to the streets of Paris but we will come to them from where they did not expect.
“The revenge has started and the blood will flow.”
The death cult were responsible for the Paris attacks that killed 130 people including Briton Nick Alexander and left hundreds injured.
However, they said the attack in the French capital “was the beginning”.
The jihad in the video continues: “France was the beginning. Tomorrow it will be London, Washington. It will be New York and it will be Moscow. You Russian don’t you think that we forgot you. Your time is coming.
“There will be no safety in this world from our guns and bullets and explosives. We will come to you.
“You will not have safety even in the bedroom of your houses.”
The footage emerged hours after the UK authorized air strikes on ISIS targets in Syria.
Four RAF tornadoes took off from RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus just 57 minutes after MPs voted in favour last night of launching airstrikes in the war-torn country.
The jets struck targets in the Omar oil field in Eastern Syria, dealing a real blow to Daesh, which is largely funded through an illegal oil trade.

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