Donald Trump Wants A Complete Shut Down Of Muslim Immigration Into US

Donald J Trump

  • According to Mailonline, Mr. Donald J Trump has called for a total shut down of any Muslim immigration into United States.

  • He shared it through his twitter handle and made it known also through his spokeswoman Hope Hicks, who also said even American Muslims living abroad would be kept out as well.

  • Reacting to the statement by Trump, many Americans had come out to criticize his stance both the Democrats and Republicans.

  • Jeb Bush called Trump 'unhinged' through his twitter handle reacting to his submission

  • His fellow Presidential aspirant, Hilary Clinton believed Trump is not getting it right. She tweeted that Trump's plan is 'reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive' while telling him ' @realdonaldtrump you don't get it, this makes us less safe'

  • But Trump has maintained hsi stance while making mockery of whatever criticism his opponets starting from Jeb bush, Kasich, Lindsey Graham and the rest would come up with.

  • He also berated President Obama saying he's got no clue at all after he watched his speech.

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