Three of The Most Dangerous Men In The World

Though the Presidential field is shrinking there are some notable names still in the mix seeking the Republican nomination. For the purposes of this article we will be examining Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham in a brief synopsis chronicling the extreme political rhetoric of these men and what this means for future world events. As you can see by the advertisements of these men in popular culture these men openly admit they will start a new War in 2016; if the American people gave them the power to do so. What we are focusing on here is the fact that these men literally admit the desire to start/fight in War.
These are the men who literally make war in this world. These people are actively saying they plan to have more Wars in the future. These are literally some of the most dangerous people in the world for humanities sake.
Not only do these men pose a threat to future civilizations but they are actively serving in high profile positions in our government. Not only should these men never have the power to be President of the United States, but we should remove them from office for their efforts. America needs to ask itself are these the type of people we want representing our country? Is this the group of people we want deciding the future of Earth? If your vote is for War and for violence, then it sounds like Mr. Bush, Mr. Graham and Mr. Cruz might be for you. If you believe in a brighter more hopeful future where we try to accomplish peace not War, then America needs to begin seriously looking in a new direction.
Did you know according to the The Center for Voting and Democracy that only 60% of American vote in Presidential elections? How about the fact that in non-Presidential elections only 40% of American vote? Not only can we not elect these men as the next President but the American public has the power to take these men out of elected office. There is talk in America all the time about thoughts of a new revolution. America can have its revolution, peacefully, people just need to get out and vote and literally have their voices counted. The average American person can change the direction of this country, it just takes 100% of everyone to get engaged not just 60% .
Jeb Bush. Sponsored by the Right To Rise Pac. Former governor of Florida; you might remember Jeb Bush was active governor of Florida during the controversial hanging chad fiasco 0f 2000 surrounding the election of George Bush as President in 2000. He is running for President in 2016 despite the fact he has not held a government office since 2007. Jeb Bush is on public record of saying he will engage in a new War with ISIS. Keep in mind the last 2 Republican Presidents, his brother and father, are responsible for starting 3 different Wars. Like father, like son, like brother, Jeb Bush is telling America his family will start a 4th War.
Senator Lindsey Graham; Sponsored by the Strength and Security Pac. Promises to put 10,000 troops on the ground in Syria in a new War campaign. Endorsed by John McCain who warns that “here in New Hampshire the War on terrorism at at our doorstep” despite the fact that the War in Syria is literally half a world away from New Hampshire. I remember over a year ago Jon Stewart did a segment on Lindsey Graham and the extremism to which he speaks. Lindsey Graham said that if ISIS was not stopped they will kill every single person in the USA! You can watch this here:…
Senator Ted Cruz. Recently Ted Cruz made headlines for guest speaking at the 2015 Freedom Conference; an event organized/created by a man who is openly quote as saying homosexuals should be killed. Coincidentally enough with John McCain above, Ted Cruz made a speech in New Hampshire where he goes on to say “the objective is to make them dead” in regard to the Islamic State. He elaborates around minute 20:55 of the video “right now what we ought to be doing is, number one using overwhelming air power to destroy ISIS. Number two, we should be arming the Kurds”. Essentially saying that what we need is a new War campaign.

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