Tony One week Writes Touching Tribute To Late Comic Actor, Dede One Day

It is no longer news that Nollywood actor and comedian, Dede One Day passed on in the wee hours of Monday, December 14, 2015 over high-blood pressure related issues.
The comic actor had taken ill while emceeing an event in Ugwunabo, Abia state. Earlier in the day, he had anchored an event in Aba. Despite being rushed to the hospital, he reportedly died hours later.

Late Dede One Day
Late Dede One Day

Another Nollywood actor and musician, Tony Muonagor popularly known as Tony Oneweek has penned a touching tribute to his former colleague.
“REST IN PEACE DEDE-ONE-DAY. Got the sad news of ur demise from Steve Ajebo Eboh yesterday. When I cast u in my movie Oke Ochicho, we both agreed that it was the stepping stone to bigger roles… And so it was. Ur career in movie had begun. U also excelled so very well in stand up comedy in ur peculiar Aba (York) style. Ur unique voice seperated u from other comedians, some of who
m even started copying u. U were an audience’s delight as emcee at events. U were doing so well my brother. Why die now? They said u slumped while doing ur business of making people laugh. And I ask “Why would an instrument of joy be rewarded with sadness?” U were hypertensive they said, but I am like “Is laughter no longer d cure for high bp?” Chaaaaiiiii. Deeedem. Uwa enwero isi,” he wrote.

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