ANSAA Pleads With The General Public To Adhere To Its Rules

Reacting to the indiscriminate pasting of posters on the walls and bridges in Anambra state, the M.D of Anambra State Signage and Advertisement Agency (ANSAA), Mr. Jude Emecheta has pleaded with the general public, especially religious organisations and politicians to stop henceforth.
Anambra State signage and advertisement agency removing indiscriminate posters

While speaking to a group of online reporters who visited the site where ANSAA workers were labouring to remove posters, Mr. Emecheta frowned at the manner in which these people persist in littering the whole state with posters.

Further reacting to a question from one of the reporters on whether ANSAA collects money on al these signage everywhere, Mr. Emecheta said that gov. Willie Obiano has empowered ANSAA to enforce its rules and collect all the necessary payments accruable on those signage.

He then disclosed that the ANSAA workers are right now going round the states issuing demand notices to all the signage and billboard owners across the state after which enforcement would commence.

According to him,
"If all the people who erect billboards and signage in this state pay properly, then the government would not be waiting for federal allocation in order to work, because there would be enough money"

He then promised to carry out to the letter, the charge of His excellency Dr. willie Obiano, to maintain a clean environment.

Photos of ANSAA workers removing posters after the cut...........

ANSAA workers

ANSAA workers

ANSAA workers

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