Buharinomics: Robbing Nigerians Of N50 Stamp Duty To Fund Budget Of Fraud

by Chidinma Onyejiuwa

300 million transactions daily. N50 X 300 million = N15 billion daily.

Remita and TSA, everyday is gonna be Christmas for una side. The ordinary Nigerian on the street will be definitely milked to death to oil Muhammadu Buhari’s engine.

Tasking the people to pay for their bogus 2016 budgetary plan. Unbelievable! Yet, nobody is speaking out! The culture of saving and doing transactions with the banks in Nigeria is about to destroyed. One of the dividends of 16 years of democracy in Nigeria is about to destabilized by APC led government.

Who will talk? Who would speak up and against this unilateral decision by the hegemonic Northern oligarchs?

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