Meet The 50 Sexiest And NAKED Samba Dancers At World’s Biggest Street Party Of 2016 [NUDITY]

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The Rio Samba Parade which holds in February stands out in all the street parades in the world.
The Rio Carnival which holds in Brazil started out as street festivities with people playing music and dancing in the streets has now bloomed into one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions.
There is a competition in which the top Samba schools in Rio compete at the magnificent Sambodromo, a specially built venue for the Rio Festival. This year, 12 of the top schools under the name, Grupo Especial, competed for two nights.
Preparations for the Samba parade starts months in advance. Thousands of supporters of each Samba school work tirelessly to put on an unforgettable show.
The preparation for the Samba Parade starts months in advance, as each samba school mobilizes thousands of supporters who will create the various parts of the school’s display which is usually a story of historical or allegorical significance.
We bring you the top sexy dancers of the Rio Carnival of 2016.
The stars of the show, understandably are the women samba dancers who come from all around Brazil and neighbouring South American countries to take part in the trilling festival of dance, music, and colours which attracted 4,000 performers and 78,000 fans to the Sambodromo during the Rio Carnival which held between February 5 to February 10, 2016.
Brazil’s street carnivals are world renown and many town and villages hold carnivals, however, Sao Paulo and Rio hold the biggest carnivals. The country receives about 500,000 visitors attracted to these carnivals effectively making these festivities one of Brazil’s biggest exports.
Some of the photos in this gallery contain nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.
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