MUST READ: 10 key reasons women do not enjoy sex.

The modern day woman strives to be the best in the office coupled with motherhood and becoming a best friend.

She also has work to do on having the best figure, balancing the home and her outlook as well, these and many more may kill her appetite to have sex.

The reason some women do not enjoy sex varies from one woman to another. For some it could be a physical issue, emotional issue or psychological issue while to others it could be a health issue.
Keeping sex alive involves maintaining your focus on pleasurable living to industrious activity. It involves changing your focus from perfection and accomplishment to embracing pleasure in life as a healthy and worthwhile pursuit.

We spoke with Dr Taiwo Fadeyi, a sex therapist, and she listed the following as the reasons some women don’t enjoy intercourse with their partners.

 1. Low Libido- Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) 

Women who suffer from female sexual arousal disorder always have low libido. This condition is characterized by the kind of disinterest in sex that you describe. Women with this condition are not afraid of sexual intimacy but they suffer from a deficiency or absence of sexual desire. Hormonal deficiency, disease, anti depressant drugs can be linked to this condition. This can affect the sexual desire and function of some women.
 Many women who have low libidos choose men who they hope will not make too many sexual demands on them. 

2. Sexual Chemistry 

It is hard to get excited about an activity that leaves you feeling weak or tired. Choosing a partner who is not particularly driven by sex or sexually experienced guarantees a less sexual satisfying experience. But if you do not, your motivation to participate in a process that appears to be only one-sided pleasure is certain to be out and leads to inability to achieve orgasm. 

3. Orgasm Disorder 

One of the primary hindrances to female orgasm is male impatience and lack of experience. Before a woman can experience orgasm, her body has to go through physiological changes. You do not state whether you achieve orgasm during sex. 10-20 percent of women never achieved orgasm and many others have difficulty. Some women find they cannot climax during penile vaginal sex. 

If a woman has never climaxed in her adult life, we call it primary orgasmic dysfunction. If she had been able to climax in the past but now finds it difficult or impossible, we call it secondary orgasmic dysfunction. This huge factor contributes to the sexual pleasure of the woman and her partner. 

4. Pain Disorders 

These include pain during sexual intercourse due to menopausal vulvo- vaginal atrophy resulting from a lack of hormones as well as a burning syndrome of the genitals. This thereby leads to painful sex during sexual intercourse. 

5. Arousal disorders 

This can originate in the genital area comparable to erectile dysfunction in men or an issue at the brain level, which is more common in women. Resulting to inability to become physically aroused or excited during sexual activity. 

6. Lack of Sexual Desire

 Lack of sexual desire or aversion to sex can be traced to sexual abuse or rape in the past or early years. Women who suffer sexual abuse in childhood or raped in adulthood usually do not like to engage in sexual intercourse for a particular period. However, with time and regular visit to a sex therapist, they would have a better understanding of sex. 

7. Psychological Causes 

This include work related stress and anxiety. Concern about sexual performance, marital or relationship problems, depression and effects of a past sexual trauma, ageing, unhealthy diet can contribute to reasons why some women do not enjoy sex. 

8. Past Experience 

Some Nigerian men are so rough with sex and they boast about it. And for some women, the rougher the sex, the les enjoyable it gets. 

9. Lack of Foreplay

 Foreplay helps set the tone for better lovemaking. It creates emotional intimacy, which strengthens the bonds of love. But when this is missing, sex gets boring. 

10. Medical Issues 

Medical issues such as fibroids, menstrual pain and other disorders affecting her sex hormones can make her lose interest. All these issues are real; they can cause women a lot of distress and affect their relationships. Well the good news is that all women can also enjoy sex, all you need is a sex counselor to help you out, as advised by Dr Fadeyi.

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