Girlfriend Lights Boyfriend’sPenis on Fire for Cheating [Photos + Video]

The 31 second video shows a man lying in bed in boxer briefs and socks. Then you see a woman pull back the covers and pour nail polish remover over his private area.
The woman then takes a large lighter and sets her man on fire. As soon as his privates light up, the man wakes up freaking out. You can then hear her say “Yeah, that’s what the fuck you get, trying to cheat on me with my fucking coworker.
You didn’t think I was gonna fuckin’ find out?” The video has traveled through the internet some saying that it is a hoax and others saying that it is completely real? What do you think, is the video real or fake? Let us know what you think below. It’s the YouTube video that has gone viral, been removed and re-posted. WATCH BELOW:
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