#SoundOff: Buhari Supporter Who Called Herself A Criminal Now Turned To Wailing Wailer [LOOK]

I was appalled when a young beautiful woman like Foluke Martin sunk her reputation to justify Buhari alleged reference to Nigerians as criminals. I immediately told her what I thought and we had a private inbox exchange where I explained to her the implications of what she had done and the counter effects. I was so sad she was even defending a person like General Muhammadu Buhari, the grandfather of mis-administration as shown by the history of Nigeria.
I love Goodluck Jonathan but I will never catch grenades for him or any politician for that matter. My interest is for a better country, and I won’t stake my reputation for anybody. It is quite interesting to note that it’s been only three months since Buhari made the criminal comment in London (for which he clarified and denied calling Nigerians criminals), and it is interesting to note that Ms. Funke Martin is now a “wailing wailer”. 
Nigerian youth it is time you wake up and realise ‘it is us versus them”. This is no longer about political parties, it is about our collective future. We are suffering the most. Our not very established businesses are suffering.
As I write this, I am sweating in the heat – there’s no electricity and no fuel to power my generation. I cannot even dress up and go anywhere because there is nothing to go out for, and I cannot be dressing up in a pool of my own sweat. Fuel has gone up to N300 a litre in the black market.
Dollars has found a permanent home in the arms of 360 naira. Imports are down, local production had grounded to a halt. There is simply no money to trade in.
Yet, some Nigerian youth wake up everyday login to social media and shout at each other over their support for Buhari or Jonathan or APC or PDP. The same people who are bent on running our collective future into the ground. Our economy has come to halt and instead of panicking, some youths are still pitched in partisan camps.
We are picking up tallies at filling stations. A sign that this fuel shortage plans to out last Buhari’s 4-year tenure. Is it until you pick up tallies to buy milk, as our mothers and fathers did in 1984 that you would understand that we need to unite and fight.
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