Buhari Didn't Meet an Empty Treasury, He Inherited $30 billion From Jonathan - Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has disclosed how much President Muhammadu Buhari inherited from the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

In an Interview with Frisky Larr, Obasanjo said, “When I assumed office in 1999, I inherited $3.7 billion in reserve, while Buhari met $30 billion, almost 10 times of what I met then, and the price of oil then was $9. When it got to $20, I was dancing.

“I know the price is down now and with time, it will jump up again. What Buhari is doing currently is preparing ground for Nigeria to take advantage when it goes up again,” he maintained.

Several media reports had previously quoted President Buhari saying he inherited an empty treasury.


  1. The worst president Nigeria ever had, thumps up sponsor ur Fulani herdsmen to continue their mayhem,na gode.

  2. Though i am not an admirer of Obj but he had said the truth here, so the present government should stop its campaign of hatred against Gej and should face business of governance. The blame gaming is too much hence nothing to show for its almost 2 years in power.


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