Timaya and former lover back together? (Pictured)

As they say, once a guy and a lady have been sexually have been involved at one point or the other, whenever they come in contact again there is a strong possibility of them kicking it on a romantic level, regardless of the void that was seemingly between them all along.

Several persons belong to this school of thought.

On the other hand, others argue that it is untrue and once two people are done with a relationship then they are done having any form of intimacy including hanging out and anything romantic or sexual.

There will always be that divergence in opinions as far as humans are concerned and it is understandable.

With celebs, despite appearing as demigods with all their star power, it is the same.

There have been occasions where celebs parted ways after a once publicized, seemingly perfect intimate affair and then they still went on to hang out together for some time including going the extra mile and perhaps rekindling their once romantic and sexual relationships.

It is the same all around the world with celebrities. In Hollywood, we have seen several situations of this sort.

In the local entertainment industry, we have seen several cases like this. Dbanj and Genevieve were rumoured to be involved in a serious affair, a relationship so strong they were even reported to be alter-bound.

But it all ended eventually and all the lovey-dovey we saw from them both fizzling out like fog in a sunny December morning.

Then when we thought it was all over, they came back once again. Or at least, they gave us the impression that they were back as one, even though subtly.

And it’s allowed really, after all they are humans. And as we established earlier, celebs are equally expected to act as humans time and again, whatever the level of stardom.

With this train of thought and with Timaya’s social media post of today September 28, 2016, it is easy to see it could be more than a mere picture as we see him and Empress Njamah hanging together.

In the Instagram post from the Bum Bum crooner, there is a picture of him and Empress Njamah captioned:

“It's always a pleasure seeing u my dear friend. EMPEE.”

Recall they were both in an intimate relationship in 2008 but split in 2009 following several accusations and counter accusations. Their break up made the news so bad with gossip sites and soft sell magazines weaving several interesting narratives around the pair.

As a result, they made the news time and again with the issue almost feeling like one to remain forever a part of Nigerian entertainment and pop culture.

Though currently in a romantic relationship with Barbara, the mother of his daughters Emmanuela and Grace, Timaya has hinted several times that he is unready to get married.

While it is unclear what his plans are in this light, we see him and his old sweet heart Empress in this new picture making the rounds and we can’t but conclude there is more to the hang out.

Actually, we aren’t certain and there are no concrete proofs that substantiate our claims here but there is a strong feeling that both entertainers are back as lovers, or as secret lovers at worst case – because as we said earlier, when two old flames meet again, there is every possibility of a rekindled sexual relationship.

It is what it is. They are humans after all, aren’t they?

On the other hand, it could all be a publicity stunt but then we will have to wait to find out as only time will truly tell.

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