24-hour curfew as herdsmen kill 20 in Kaduna

Herdsmen have attacked Jema’a local government council area of Kaduna state 

The attack has left 20 persons killed, several injured and homes burned 

Kaduna state police commissioner has deployed more units of policemen to the place for more re-enforcement.

people running from rampaging fulani herdsmen

The herdsmen have struck again and this time they attacked Jema’a local government council area of Kaduna state. Subsequently, a 24 hour curfew has been imposed on the entire local government.

The attack led to the death of over 20 persons including security personnel in Godogodo chiefdom.

According to Leadership, the herdsmen took control of the Godogodo chiefdom, since Saturday, October 15, around 6 pm.

 They then attacked a military outpost advanced to other villages and killed about 20 people and burnt several houses in the area.

The dastardly activities of this heavily armed herdsmen led to increased tension between the Christian community and the Hausa/Fulani Muslims in Kafanchan, the headquarters of the local government which led to the curfew.

Read more: https://www.naij.com/1010749-panic-20-dead-herdsmen-attack-kaduna-state.html?f&poster=41048

Read more: https://www.naij.com/1010749-panic-20-dead-herdsmen-attack-kaduna-state.html?f&poster=41048
Dr Bege Katuka the interim management committee chairman, of Jema’a council area, announced the curfew and then advised all residents to remain indoors until the situation was under control.

A survivor of the herdsmen attacks, Mr Zamani Andy said that the village had been invaded by the armed men for two days with a substantial part of the town razed; women and children killed in the fires.

He said: “Some who tried to escape where shot or cut down with machete, the herdsmen have taken over the chiefdom, the chief is on exile, nobody know is where about as speak with you.”

 A local community leader who also barely escaped narrated: “Last Saturday, around 6pm, we heard gunshots from around Anguwan Ninzon area. As people were running, women and children screaming. I saw many Fulani men carrying heavy guns and just shooting at people.

 “Some houses were set on fire with people inside. If I tell you how I managed to escaped, I will say I’m lying.

I just followed some old men and we ran through a bush path with shootings going on all over the town. Some were shot, but many of us escaped.”

ASP Aliyu Usman the Kaduna state police spokesman, confirmed the incident, stating that at least two policemen had been killed in an earlier raid near Gogogodo on Friday, October 14.

He also said that a police formation was attacked in Godogodo before the invaders faced the town last Saturday, October 15, in the evening.

He however assured that the Kaduna state police commissioner had deployed more units of mobile and conventional policemen to the place for more re-enforcement.

Meanwhile, in what looks like a connected attack, two police officers were killed by unknown gunmen, suspected to be Fulani herdsmen, on Thursday, October 13, at a checkpoint along the Kagoro-Gidan Waya Road in Kaura local government area of Kaduna state.

The gunmen attacked six officers who were manning the checkpoint, killing two of them while two others were said to be critically wounded.

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