6 Supreme Court judges who 'escaped' DSS raid

Nigerians woke up to the news on Saturday, October 8 that the country’s foremost intelligence agency, the Department of State Security (DSS), raided home of Supreme Court judges overnight.

 In a gestapo style, operatives of the DSS stormed the home of the judges and took them away, with indications rife that two of them might be arraigned today, October 10 in court.

Justice mahmud mohammed

Already, lawyers under the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) have declared a state of emergency in the judiciary over the issue.

But the DSS seem undeterred, the agency has vowed to sustain the clampdown against the judges until all the corrupt elements within them are brought to book.

To calm fraying nerves, the presidency also intervened, telling Nigerians that the judiciary is not under attack, but corruption is.

Although the DSS has informed Nigerians that there will still be more raids on judges, we lists 6 judges who have practically ‘dodged the bullet’.

Read below:

 1. Justice Mary Odili 

She was appointed a Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria (JSC) in 2011. She is very popular for her outstanding role as Rivers state first lady between 1999-2007. Her name was not mentioned in the DSS overnight raid.

2. Justice Walter Onnonoghen 

He is the most senior associate justice in the apex court and also the next in line to be Nigeria’s Chief Justice of the Federation. Although some media houses had wrongly listed him as one of those arrested, the DSS quickly dismissed the insinuations that Justice Onnonoghen was one of those arrested.

3. Justice Bode–Rhode Vivour 

He was sworn in as a Justice of the Supreme Court in 2010. He was recently in the news for the kidnap of his wife by unknown gunmen. Justice Vivour’s name has not been mentioned in the scandal so far.

4. Justice Muntaka Connmassie

 He joined the Supreme Court in 2008. Prior to joining the Supreme Court, he was a Judge at the Court of Appeal, serving in Port Harcourt, Jos, Abuja, Ilorin, and Benin divisions. He is one of the senior judges and has not been mentioned in the scandal.

5. Justice Kudirat Olatokunbo

 She is popularly known as Justice Kekere Ekun. She joined the Supreme Court last year and is probably still learning the ropes in Nigeria’s apex court not to be bothered about been engaged in any major scandal.

6. Justice Kumai Bayang Akaahs 

Justice Akaahs joined the Supreme Court in 2012. From Kaduna state, Justice Akaahs is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, International Bar Association and the Nigerian Body of Benchers. He was not named in the scandal.

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