Amaechi Named In Gang-up Against Jonathan, Niger Delta – Chiefs, Elders Allege


The forum of Niger Delta Clan Chiefs and Elders has observed with dismay the heightened gang-up by political detractors within the Muhammadu Buhari-led government to completely tarnish the reputation of  former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The forum which rose from an emergency meeting in Warri, Delta State on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 named the current minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi as being the arrowhead behind efforts to clampdown on former President Jonathan and his wife, Dame Patience Jonathan, with whom Mr. Amaechi has had a long history of political rivalry and conflict, respectively.

In a communique made available to the press, the group through its spokesman, Chief Comewell Derioteidou, urged President Buhari not to be further drawn into a conflict with the Niger Delta on the advice of enemies of the region, whose sole aim is political capital, but to see how amicable resolutions can be reached in order to douse escalated tensions and promote peace in the region.

The group expressed dismay that the statesmanship of the former President in conceding defeat voluntarily in spite of the many controversies surrounding the election is being mocked by the Nigerian nation and warned that the Niger Delta people will not sacrifice their own for Nigeria.

“Our people will not fold our arms and watch the good name of Jonathan destroyed by politicians. We have heard all sorts of amounts being bandied in the media against Jonathan’s wife and wonder why Abacha’s wife, YarAdua’s wife and the others who have universities in their name are not being subjected to the same scrutiny,” Chief Derioteidou said.

He went on further to ask, “Why is Jonathan being picked on? What are they afraid of? Did he not leave them with the power?”

The group further wondered why the Abachas who are renowned looters are enjoying clemency while leading voices of the Niger Delta are being clamped down.

“It portends danger for everyone,” the group added.

“Crisis in the Niger Delta at this time of economic downturn is grave crisis for Nigeria. It is high time the attacks are put to an end. Amaechi and his buccaneers must know that they are not unknown to our people.” Chief Derioteidou maintained.

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