Arrest Patience, OBJ, Tinubu - Protests at EFCC office (photos)

A human rights group has asked the EFCC to arrest and probe Patience Jonathan

The group wondered why Patience was still walking freely in spite of the evidence against her 

The EFCC has vowed that Patience would not go scot-free if she is found guilty 

Members of the Human Rights Defenders and Advocacy Centre (Concerned Nigerians) are demanding that former First Lady Patience Jonathan should be arrested and probed.

Members of the group held a protest at office of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission in Ikoyi, Lagos, The Punch reports.

Members of the Human Rights Defenders and Advocacy Centre protest

The protesters also asked the anti-graft agency to probe the campaign fund of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and some other prominent Nigerians.

They had placards with inscriptions such as ‘we want all looters in prison’, ‘IBB, OBJ, Tinubu, Amaechi, Abdusallam, all have our money, arrest them’, and ‘arrest all senators for budget padding’.


The group submitted a petition entitled, ‘Demand for arrest, prosecution of Patience Jonathan, probe of APC campaign fund and no more sacred cow in the anti-corruption crusade.’

The petition was signed by its president, Queen Ameh, and chairman of its Board of Trustees, Innocent Agbo.
Human rights group protest

Addressing the EFCC, Agbo said: “You have found evidence incriminating Patience Jonathan but we are surprised that Patience Jonathan is still allowed to be walking freely, and even had the audacity to take the EFCC to court to release same money to her.”

Speaking to the protesters, the EFCC deputy director of operations, Iliyasu Kwarbai, vowed that Patience would not go scot-free if its investigation uncovers evidence of corruption against her.





Patience started making headlines following reports that the anti-graft agency started investigations into a money laundering case linked to her.

The commission was said to have traced $15million to four company accounts linked to the ex-first lady, in the ongoing trial of a former presidential aide, Waripamo Dudafa.

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