JUST IN: Prominent northern politician dies at 82

Lili Gabari, one of the key chieftains of Northern Elements People’s Union (NEPU), has died at 82, Premium Times reports.

Northern politician dies 
Prominent politician passed away on the early morning of October 4, Tuesday, living behind many children and great grandchildren.

Tanko Yakasai, a Nigerian politician, human right activist and former Liaison Officer to Shehu Shagari, told reporters that Gabari was not only a founding member of NEPU, but contributed financially to build the party.

Yakasai added that deceased contested for councilor from his Aujara ward under NEPU in the First Republic.

Gabari was also a member of the Peoples Redemption Party in the second republic. The politician also was a key supporter of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party until his death.

The NEPU was the first political party in Northern Nigeria. Founded in Kano on 8 August 1950, it became the main opposition party in Northern Nigeria after the region was given self-governance in the 1950s.

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