Mixed reaction trails appearance of crucifix in mosque

Reports about the sudden appearance of a strange cross five feet away from the central mosque in Assakio development area in Lafia, Nasarawa state, has sparked a religious supremacy tussle among Nigerians on social media. 

The mysterious sighting which occurred on Wednesday, September 28, attracted a mammoth crowd from Assakio and its environs with many praying for forgiveness and blessings.

The cross which is considered the symbol of Christianity was illuminated on the ground close to the mosque.

The sighting of the apparition was confirmed by residents of the area, one of them was Hajara Hussaini, who said she was the first to see the light in the shape of a cross on Wednesday, September 28 when her mother sent her on errand.

Her mother, Matan Liman also confirmed the strange appearance and said her daughter was gripped in fear when she returned.

Similarly, Muhammed Iliyasu who is the Chief Imam of Assakio Central Mosque said the sighting of the cross within the mosque premise confirmed that revelation was from God, affirming that “Jesus is also a prophet of God.”

But it appears some Nigerians have interpreted the reports of the mysterious sighting to mean the supremacy of one religion above the other.

However, others have doubted the credibility of the appearance of the strange cross, describing it as a fraud.

What is your view on the issue, do you believe the strange cross appeared in the mosque?

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