Niger Delta group meets Arewa group in Kaduna

A Niger Delta group met with an Arewa group in Kaduna 

It noted that it was focusing on fostering peace in the country

The group described militants as criminals and blamed the leaders in the region for sabotaging their people

 In a bid to foster better relationship between the Niger Delta and Hausa community, The Supreme Niger Delta Youth Council WorldWide (SNDYCW) met with the Arewa Consultative Forum in Kaduna.

Daily Post reports that the two groups met on Thursday, October 6 to engage in meaningful discussion that will make the country stronger as a single entity.

SNDYCW condemned the activities of Niger Delta Avengers and the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) for their activities in the Niger Delta region and described them as “pure armed robbers”.

Prince Michael Newgent Eaton who is the president-general of SNDYCW said that they were not a militant group but were concerned about how the region has been turned into a hub for criminals.

“Our group is not militant. We are here to see how we can build one Nigeria. We want to condemn the activities of the Avengers and the MEND. They are criminals. But better put, armed robbers who are stealing the wealth of our land.

“We know them. We know that some of the Avengers have served in the previous government and they are even serving in this present government.

 “If we are given the mandate, we will go and confront them in their houses. So, we don’t want President Buhari to be deceived by their antics. There is nothing in the real sense like avengers. They are playing pranks.” 

He noted that the problem of the region was caused by leaders sabotaging the people and not the fult of the federal government.

“What is it that the federal government has not done for the region? We have OMPADEC, NDDC, 13 percent derivation, Ministry of Niger Delta and security votes. We don’t know what our governors are doing with the security votes.”

 He said they were organizing a forum in October and felt the need to extend their arm of friendship to the people in the region. “We are here to extend our hands of friendship to the people in this region. “To seek their blessing and support.

That’s why we are here with the former Senate president, Joseph Wayas, who has never been invited by any anti-corruption agency.

We also have the blessing of former Head of state, General Gowon.” Ibrahim Coomasie who is the chairman of ACF noted that the two region had a long-standing friendship and they also believed in the sustainability of one Nigeria.

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