Nwabueze claims Islamisation of Nigeria is real

Prof Ben Nwabueze met with Igbo leaders of thought in Enugu 

The renowned lawyer said the country was about to be Islamised by the current administration 

Prof Ben Nwabueze has lamented that the plan to Islamise Nigeria is real as evident from dominance of Muslims in the leadership position of the country’s security outfits.

Vanguard reports that Nwabueze raised this concern after a meeting of Igbo Leader of thought in Enugu.

The constitutional lawyer who was close to tears claimed that in spite of the provision of the constitution, Buhari had a grand plan to Islamise the country which was the reason for the meeting.

He said: This is a very crucial meeting for us because we have not met for more than a year.

And if you look at our agenda, such critical issues for discussion, issues like Islamisation agenda and its impact on the unity of the country.

“Islamisation agenda is real, it’s not something that somebody has just conjured up, it’s there. And it’s been implemented gradually. Look at the security agencies; every aspect of security islamists are in control in its entirety. They are methodically, the way they are going about its implementation. Look at Fulani herdsmen menace, it is part of it.”

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