Opinion: President Buhari is a good husband

Editor’s note: Reactions continue to trail Muhammad Buhari’s response to his wife Aisha Buhari over her controversial interview to BBC Hausa.

 President Buhari was quoted as saying that his wife, Aisha, belongs to his kitchen and living room, in response to the first lady’s public criticism of the president’s appointments on October 14.

While many Nigerians criticise the president, Aishat Alubankudi, political activist and caring mother, defends Buhari through her Facebook page. Aisha says that the Nigerian leader is a good husband unlike many others.

Aisha with husband

Most Nigerians are hypocrites and I feel like mentioning names based on updates I have read so far. You’re condemning PMB for his joke but he is a good husband unlike some of you that had promised to send your wives back to school during marriage proposal but have not fulfilled your promises.

I know some of you that sent your wives packing because she can’t cook or food was late and some of you are wife beaters etc. Be objective for a change, he funded her to Masters level and she’s a full-time business woman.

 I respect PMB more for this. Come forward and deny that you had never issued such statement. Go and mend your clothes where they’re torn, stop behaving like saints.

He is human, he joked to subtle the situation but you can never see anything good in PMB. Even those who should have left their husbands over domestic violence are now marriage counsellors.

Some have even combined envy with jealousy, I beg no vacancy for another wife. May Allah bless the union forever. He who has not been faced with perilous situation should not boast on his gallantry.

You have said worse about your husbands, you even leaked your husbands’ secrets to your boyfriends.

Even those ladies who had never experienced marriage are not keeping mute. Instead of them to beg the Almighty to grant them good husbands, let them end up in the kitchen and bedroom with a master degree, five children and a successful business. #istandwithPMBandHajiaAishaBuhari

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