Reaction trails granting amnesty to militants

The granting of amnesty to militants in Rivers by Governor Nyesom Wike has elicited reactions from Nigerians.

 Governor Wike had issued a 60-day window period to militants in the region to surrender their weapons or risk military action.

Following the inauguration of Rivers State Amnesty Programme Committee, a militant group has surrendered its arms.

A militant group led by one self-styled General Don Wanney led other members of the group operating in the Ogba/ Egbema/ Ndoni local government area to surrender their guns to the state government.

While some persons applauded the state government for the move, others criticised the move which they described as a way of enriching criminals while Niger Delta people continue to suffer.

Read the reactions below:

Jude Obinna wrote: “How many bombs are their among the arms they submitted because I don’t want some people to fool others, the reason is that what the militants are using now is bomb not gun anymore so if there are no bombs there they are not militant but armed robbers

“Please let’s be serious with this because in know guns are not used to destroy pipelines instead bombs does it.”

 Chinonso Wisdom wrote: “Which militant are we talking about here, for all I know NDA is the people I know is militant, leave Rocha’s and his gang to continue fooling themselves.” 

Alabi Ismael Olyde wrote: “This is what they want. They want to be on pay roll without doing anything.”

 Richard Eddy wrote: “That is welcome development if they will surrender totally”

Kevin Ime Anthony wrote: “How lucrative is this amnesty in the first place? This people will just enrich themselves. In the expense of the community.”

Tony Flenzy wrote: “A criminal will always be a criminal, forget abt d amnesty. NOTE: dis just a token of their weapons.” 

Wonie Cuzio wrote: “You continue to give criminals amnesty, what about the unemployed . what about the idle men, what about the widows and pensioners? Where’s their amnesty? After they destroyed the economy and killing of innocent souls you still giving this criminal amnesty, no problem. Ride, on.”

What do you think about giving money to militants to surrender their arms? share your thought in the comment section below.

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