Why we must not support Buhari blindly - Sani tells northerners

Shehu Sani, a Nigerian activist now serving as a members of the Senate, has always spoken out concerning the Muhammadu Buhari administration 

This time, he has warned northern leaders on the platform of the Arewa Consultative Forum against blind support for the administration 

He also listed some things the northern region must immediately start looking into for its development 

Nigerian activist-turned senator, Shehu Sani has warned leaders in the north and members of the Arewa Consultative Forum against supporting President Muhammadu Buhari blindly.

Shehu Sanni and ACF

“ACF should not be like the people of Niger Delta who will support whatever decisions taken by their leaders because they are their own.

 “ACF should support the government where it is right and should also talk where the government goes wrong.

What remains for us as northerners is, we must tell ourselves the truth.”

He told the ACF members that the north must now improve on education, agriculture and the economy.

Shehu Sanni and ACF

Sani said: “It is mandatory for associations like the ACF, to call us as the elected leaders of our people to know what has been earmarked for the education, agriculture, industries etc. for the benefit of northerners.

“As at now, all the legacies left behind by the late Sardauna of Sokoto are either in comatose, or they are all dead entirely.

“For the north to progress one, education, must be revived so that the sons and daughters of the masses can obtain sound and qualitative education. “Our ailing industries must be revived. Peasant farmers must be given subsidy.”

While speaking, Yero, said the ACF also engaged in skills acquisition, vocational training, capacity building and leadership development programmes.

The senator later took the the social media to emphasise what he told the ACF members.

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